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Early Bird Registration CLOSE TODAY!! Sort your child's summer sport.

Cricket NSW has opened – ‘Early Bird Registrations’.

Do you have an Active Kids voucher you need to use? Are you looking for summer sport for your child?

Register now using your current $100 Active Kids Voucher entitlement before it expires on 30 June. (Pssstt.... that's today!!)

Your redeemed voucher can be used at Cromer Cricket Club any time over the course of season 23/24. All redeemed vouchers will expire on 15 April 2024.

Winter sport is in full swing, but what will your child play come the warmer months? If you're looking for summer sport on the Northern Beaches, why not give cricket a go? Encourage your future Ashes champion this season!

Please use this link for your EarlyBird Registration - Click here to register.



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