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Cromer - Northern Beaches Cricket

The season is fast approaching, kicking off for Juniors at the end of September and Seniors Mid-September. Cromer Cricket will be publishing the dates shortly, when we open up the registrations. Our Aussie Cricket Team needs some new blood, now's your chance to start training for a spot in the squad!

We had a great season overall for the club last year, highest growth in our Blaster squad, for any club on the Northern Beaches. All our Senior Teams reached the finals, with one becoming the Grand Champion. Our Junior Teams are growing and achieving good results, with a bigger things yet to come.

If you want to join a club with heart, where winning is important, but we seek to give all people, regardless of skill and experience a fair go. Come and be part of our community at the Cromer Cricket Club and enjoy Saturdays in the park.



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