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At Cromer Cricket Club we pride ourselves on being part of our local community. For over 50 years we have been club welcomes everyone no matter the skill level or experience in the game!

We are committed to our community, our families, and participants, providing the opportunity to play and enjoy cricket on the Northern Beaches. Whilst we focus on fun and participation, we are also a winning club, holding the Seniors 1st Grade Championship for the last two years running.

After the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic we are looking to rebuild and welcome even more players from the Northern Beaches to come and try cricket and be part of our grassroots programs. Who knows? Maybe we can nurture one of the next Aussie greats!

We have put together a Trivia Night for all of our families and supporters to not only raise money for our club which encourages young players to come and try our great game, but to also raise money for the Starlight Foundation after they supported and made our junior player's cancer journey not so scary and bleak.

When we were finally able to come back and play cricket after the pandemic, we were saddened to hear that one of our own junior players was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and had to have chemotherapy treatment at Sydney Children's Hospital, therefore missing out on the 22/23 season. At Cromer cricket club we believe it's important to give back not only to our amazing community but also to those that make other people's lives -especially those of sick kids -a little brighter during some dark times. We want to say thank you to Starlight and celebrate our own club and what it means to be part of a friendly and supportive local sporting community.

Thanks for supporting our young kids in getting out and playing cricket.

Friday 24th November, 7pm

Cromer Community Centre,
150 Fisher Rd North,
Cromer NSW 2099

Cromer Cricket Club are raising funds for the Starlight Foundation and Girls Cricket with our trivia night. Awesome prizes and raffle available on the night!
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